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School Council

Find out all about our School Council and let them know what you want them to do to make the school even better.

Hello from our School Council!

School Council Meeting: 10th June 2022

Chair: Erin

Feedback from classes: Not discussed this week.


Ideas for the sale of old library books to raise money for new ones:

  • Packs of 5 books in the same series

  • Option to buy single books

  • Suggested donation rather than a set price

  • Do at the end of the day

  • Advertise to school

  • The books being sold are old and/or tatty and not top quality

Agreed actions:

  • Group 1 - Jude, Erin, Darcy, Freya - sort out the books

  • Group 2 - Hope, Jenna, Sophie - write letter to advertise event

  • Group 3 - Oscar, Jack, Monty - make labels

  • Mrs Hodgson to work out dates and when the book sale can be advertised in assembly

Date of next meeting: Friday 17th June

  • Jenna and Hope - bring a chrome book

  • Monty - bring paper and felt tip pens

School Council Meeting: 27th May 2022

Maths Day: 

  • We would need to approach the teachers and ask their opinion: Mrs Hodgson will do this in a staff meeting. This is unlikely to happen this term but could be planned for next year.

  • Year 6 could work alongside Year 3.

Year 6 reading to Year 3:

  • This could become an annual event

  • Year 6 and Year 3 could write stories together

  • They could be paired up and meet more than once

  • Year 6 could also read and write with Year 4

  • Mrs Hodgson will discuss this in a staff meeting. Unlikely to happen this term but could be planned for next year.

In our next meeting we will plan a sale of the excess library books.

School Council Meeting: 20th May 2022

Class suggestion boxes were taken to the meeting and suggestions were discussed:

  • It was decided that classes needed to be aware that clubs don’t just happen and that in the future school councillors will need to make that clear.

  • One suggestion of a whole school maths day was popular and will be discussed in the next meeting.

  • One suggestion of Year 6s working with Year 3s was also popular and will be discussed in the next meeting.

School Council Meeting: 29th April 2022

We worked in teams to complete jobs for the Parish Council Jubilee picnic:

  • Researching stickers that could be used for the treasure hunt

  • Creating a bunting template so all pupils can make a flag

  • Designing a crown 

March 2022

School Council Discussions and Meetings:

Dojo stock to change - ask all children what new items they would like to see in the shop

Queen's Platinum Jubilee - Southbourne Parish Councillor David James met with the school council regarding the 'Picnic in the Park' event on Sunday 5th June. Discussed games and advertising and how the whole school community can support the event.


In 2021 we met when we could, although sometimes this was difficult because we were in year group bubbles! We held minutes outside, socially distanced, sharing our ideas and those of our friends in our class. We continued with our fundraising and sharing our thoughts and ideas with the staff.


We’ve been busy this year! Here are the highlights…

We researched inspirational quotes to update the ones we already had, then created a shortlist for adults in school to vote for. Take a walk around school and read them.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. (Gandhi)


We organised a dressing up day and collection for Children in Need, raising over £200.

We were the first to see the suggestions for the new adventure playground, and it was our preferred designs that the rest of the school then voted for.


We created questions that could be asked if people wanted to apply to be a teacher at our school.


We organised the new 4-square balls that last year’s School Council bought, making sure all year groups had a fair chance to play.


We made sure that our classes were listened to in our meetings, by using our School Council suggestion boxes - we even managed to stop people moaning about the cloakrooms!