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School Council

Find out all about our School Council and let them know what you want them to do to make the school even better - use your class pupil voice box!

Hello from our School Council!

School Council Meeting: 23.11.23

Present: Scarlett, Dexter B, Dexter C, Nancy, Rafe, Alice, Elliot, Stanley, Mrs Hodgson

In this week’s meeting, we sorted the new dojo shop stock and decided on prices - these will be sent to classes next week.

The year 6 teachers will organise children to run the dojo shop, starting Monday 4th December.

We also celebrated raising £275 for Children in Need.

School Council Meeting: 9.11.23

Present: Sophie, Scarlett, Dexter B, Dexter C, Nancy, Rafe, Alice, Elliot, Paloma, Mrs Hodgson

Chair: Sophie, Co-chair: Dexter B, Secretary: Dexter C, Communications: Scarlett

Feedback from classes:

  • Beach clean-up, Hot chocolate in dojo shop, More discos, Pen pass in dojo shop, Calm corner in meadow, More time to eat at lunchtimes, A book club for every year group, Accessible play areas, School dinners and packed lunches able to eat together


  • Mrs Hodgson shared that the last point above had been raised before. Council agreed that she should raise this with Mrs Gasser

  • Council discussed ideas from suggestion boxes that could be passed straight to Eco Warrior team

  • Arrangements for collecting money for Children in Need - Scarlett to write a letter to school council parents

  • Mrs Hodgson brought an idea from last year’s school council: animal theme dressing up for Brent Lodge assembly which has been booked for January. Council agreed it would be a good idea, and that children could dress up as an animal, or dress in animal colours, or bring in a stuffed toy animal to support Brent Lodge.

Agreed actions:

  • Scarlett to update School Council board with further details about Children in Need

  • Scarlett to write letter to ask School Council parents if their child can come to school early on Friday 17th to help collect money

  • Mrs Hodgson to talk to Mrs Gasser about lunchtime arrangements and animal dressing up day

School Council Meeting: 12.10.23

Present: Sophie, Scarlett, Dexter B, Dexter C, Nancy, Stanley, Rafe, Alice, Elliot, Paloma, Mrs Hodgson

Chair: Mrs Hodgson

Secretary: Mrs Hodgson


  • Ideas were shared around how we could support Children in Need in November.

  • Some ideas (from Alice and Scarlett) were best suited to fundraising later on in the year.

  • Mrs Hodgson explained that we needed to do something simple that the Infant School could also join in with.

  • Together, we wrote a letter to parents with information about Children in Need: this letter will be checked by Mrs Gasser and be sent out before half term.

  • We also discussed some school councillors being available before school on Children in Need day to collect donations.

  • Mrs Hodgson then met separately with the Year 6 school councillors to explain the roles they would be taking on: chair, co-chair, secretary and communications. It was agreed that for the next meeting, Sophie will be chair, Dexter B will be co-chair, Dexter C will be secretary and Scarlett will be communications.

Agreed actions:

Bring suggestion boxes to next meeting.

School Council Meeting: 5.10.23

Present: Sophie, Scarlett, Dexter B, Dexter C, Nancy, Stanley, Rafe, Alice, Elliot, Paloma, Mrs Hodgson

Chair: Mrs Hodgson

Secretary: Mrs Hodgson

Feedback from classes:

Nothing this week as this was our very first meeting - congratulations to our School Council of 2023!


  • Introductions

  • Mrs Hodgson explained what some of the responsibilities would be, including extra responsibilities for Year 6

  • Everyone had the chance to ask questions about school council

  • Photos were taken for the board in the hall, and each councillor wrote something about themselves to go with their picture

  • Suggestion boxes were discussed, as well as guidance for what to do if silly suggestions were put in

  • Children in Need is next month and we need to plan what to do as a school to support this event

Agreed actions:

  • Everyone will do some research and gather fundraising ideas for Children in Need

  • Everyone will make sure they have a suggestion box in their classroom


School Council Discussions and Meetings:

Dojo shop, discussed different ways of rewarding children that involved less single-use plastic, and that would be within our budget.

New books for the library using the funds raised from last year’s book sale.

Tipi overview investigated with classes, checking the list of things to do before you are 11.

Pupil voice class boxes raising awareness of thoughts around the school: Picking up litter, sharing of class balls, outdoor activities put on Google Classroom for people to take part in if they wish - stickers or home-made badges for those who complete tasks.


School Council Discussions and Meetings:

Supporting the Southbourne Parish Council Jubilee picnic.

Library book sale.

Dojo stock to change - ask all children what new items they would like to see in the shop

Queen's Platinum Jubilee - Southbourne Parish Councillor David James met with the school council regarding the 'Picnic in the Park' event on Sunday 5th June. Discussed games and advertising and how the whole school community can support the event.


In 2021 we met when we could, although sometimes this was difficult because we were in year group bubbles! We held minutes outside, socially distanced, sharing our ideas and those of our friends in our class. We continued with our fundraising and sharing our thoughts and ideas with the staff.


We’ve been busy this year! Here are the highlights…

We researched inspirational quotes to update the ones we already had, then created a shortlist for adults in school to vote for. Take a walk around school and read them.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. (Gandhi)

We organised a dressing up day and collection for Children in Need, raising over £200.

We were the first to see the suggestions for the new adventure playground, and it was our preferred designs that the rest of the school then voted for.


We created questions that could be asked if people wanted to apply to be a teacher at our school.

We organised the new 4-square balls that last year’s School Council bought, making sure all year groups had a fair chance to play.

We made sure that our classes were listened to in our meetings, by using our School Council suggestion boxes - we even managed to stop people moaning about the cloakrooms!