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All pupils experience an exciting and relevant history curriculum which nurtures their curiosity
about the past and their own place in the world. It deepens their knowledge and understanding of chronology and their awareness of how our lives have been shaped by the past and how events from the past inform the future. Our curriculum empowers our pupils to ask and answer questions, developing connections between past events and significant people, within their community and beyond.

'We went outside and cooked bread over the fire just like an Anglo-Saxon, it tasted incredible' Year 4 historian.

 'I enjoyed our school trip to Chichester to see what it used to look like and how it has changed from the Romans. On this trip, I also learnt that the Normans built the church in Priory Park.  The mound in the park showed the Anglo-Saxons that they had been defeated and that the Normans had taken over.' Year 4 historian.