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Census 2021

Last year, Southbourne Juniors was one of more than 9,000 schools across England and Wales that took part in the census education programme, Let’s Count!.


By learning about the importance of the census in school and pupils spreading the message to parents and our local community, we helped The Office for National Statistics (ONS) achieve an amazing 97% response to Census 2021.

This year we have signed up to take part in Let's Count! 2022. During the summer term, the children will continue the learning journey, finding out how the data collection in 2021 has led to published results and statistics in 2022. 

The Census 2021 results are due to be published in late May, we will provide parents with the link when it becomes available. Having these conversations in school and at home, so that our children – the nation’s future doctors, teachers and even statisticians - can continue to learn about the importance of the census and the statistics it produces, to support local services and equality, inclusion and representation.