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Homework and Remote Learning


At Southbourne Junior School, homework supports a key theme of our school vision, ethos and values to develop pupils as independent, aspirational lifelong learners. We believe that homework plays an essential role in supporting pupils on their journey to independence and being able to self-regulate their own learning. It has huge potential in supporting our pupils in the memory process, enabling them to know, remember and understand more. 

Reading is an important part of homework as it is an essential component of lifelong learning. Pupils in every year group are expected to read to an adult, at least 3 times a week, to develop decoding and comprehension skills, as well as children reading independently for pleasure and listening to stories for enjoyment. 

Reading is recorded through reading miles and celebrated through milestone certificates. We encourage pupils to discuss the text and record thoughts to the focus provided in their homework books. Sharing the experience with an adult enhances a child's reading skills and creates time with a parent, developing the love of reading and sharing books. At other times it is important for a child to immerse themselves in a book without the need to question, but a balance between the two methods is important for children to flourish.

Spelling and Times Tables are also integral to home learning to allow pupils the opportunity to practice, recall and develop fluency. 

Maths activities will also be directly linked to concepts being taught in class. Pupils will be provided with a maths problem, question or answer, statement, pattern or investigation. They will be encouraged to share their findings in the class as the learning journey continues. Please remember it isn't always about getting the right answer as we learn a great deal from our mistakes; the emphasis in class will focus on sharing methods, explanations and reasoning.

Learning Enquiry Some pupils produce amazing homework centred around their current learning journey, using a range of skills across the curriculum from art and design to historical and geographical knowledge and understanding. We encourage this independence, discovery and immersion, celebrating any work brought into school.

Take a look at the 'Homework Survival Tips!' booklet below for suggestions on how to make homework a sharing and more positive experience for your child.

Remote Learning

- Pupils will have work set each day in maths and English as well as the wider curriculum linked to their focused learning journey.

- The work set should equate to 3 hours a day (recommended for primary). This also includes reading, spelling and times table practice.

- Teachers will provide clear explanations of new content through a range of resources - powerpoints, videos, instructions etc.

- Teachers will check and provide feedback, at least weekly, whether pupils are engaging with their work and inform parents immediately where engagement is a concern.

- Please inform teachers if, in response to what is being taught, where necessary, material needs to be simplified to ensure pupils' understanding.

Please contact the school via the emails provided on the parent guide below if you are experiencing any difficulty.

25th Feb 2021 Updated government guidanceSupport for parents/carers on keeping children safe online