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Southbourne Junior School admits children from 7 - 11 years. If you wish your child to join Southbourne Junior School you should apply to Pupil Admission Team, Education Office South, Centenary House, Durrington Lane, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 2QB.

Tel: 03330 142 903.

Children Currently in Year 2 or Below

Information on how to apply online is sent to all parents of children living in West Sussex whose child currently attends a West Sussex infant school in October.

All parents are encouraged to apply using the online application system at The closing date for applications is usually in January.

School Visits

Prospective parents are always very welcome to book an appointment to visit the school for a tour, meet staff and pupils and gather information and to ask questions.

School Allocation

Parents are normally informed of their allocated school by the Local Authority by the end of April each year ready for September.

Southbourne Junior Admissions

Our Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for each year is 60 children. If 60 or less children apply for Southbourne Junior School then all of those children will be allocated a place. If more than 60 children apply, then children are prioritised using the Oversubscription Criteria, which is published each year by the Local Authority on the West Sussex County Council website.

Children Currently in a Primary School

You will not automatically receive an application form at the beginning of Year 2 because your child’s school place is already guaranteed at their current primary school up until the end of Year 6. If you would still like to apply for Year 3, then you will need to contact Admissions as soon as possible to inform them of your preference and they will be able to advise.

Missed Deadline

If your application is received after the closing date you seriously disadvantage your chances of gaining a place at one of your preference schools. Applications received after the closing date are late applications and will only be considered after all those that were received on time.

Acquiring a place at Southbourne Junior School

The Year 2 children will take part in a Transition Programme which will involve the Year 3 teachers meeting the Year 2 children at their school as well as the Year 2 children visiting the Junior School a number of times during the summer term to begin to build relationships and so children become familiar with their new staff and new surroundings.

There is a transition day in July where all children will spend the day in their new school with their new teacher. 

The Year 2 and Year 3 teachers will meet and share information about each individual child. Children with specific issues or who may find transition difficult will be discussed at greater depth by the relevant staff including senior staff and special needs co-ordinators, which may include the parents, where appropriate.

Waiting List

Children and families do move around for a variety of reasons and places at the school do sometimes become available. If you are at the top of the waiting list and a space becomes available, you will be contacted immediately.

Appeals Procedure

If you are not allocated a place and wish to appeal the decision, then we follow the West Sussex Appeals Procedure

Parents are most welcome to visit the school at any time. Please telephone for an appointment.