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The Great Southbourne Bake-Off 2017 raises £267.50

We were blown away by the talent and generosity of the children and parents at our school. The number of entrees was so high, it made the judging particularly difficult, but the bake sale particularly successful. As a result we raised a whopping £267.50, thank you.

The winners for each category were:

Chocolate Cake - 1st Elsie (Osprey), 2nd Lily S (Falcon), 3rd Camille (Kestrel)

Fruit Cake - 1st Mollie (Merlin), 2nd Scarlet (Kestrel), 3rd Evie G (Kestrel)

Biscuits - 1st Adam (Kestrel), 2nd Sophie (Owl), 3rd Holly (Osprey)

Sponge Cake - 1st Megan (Kestrel), 2nd Archie (Merlin), 3rd Lily (Buzzard) 

Cup Cakes - 1st Thomas (Merlin), 2nd Sam (Merlin), 3rd Drew (Buzzard)

Most Unusual Cake - 1st Olivia (Hawk), 2nd Finley O (Hawk), 3rd Macy (Osprey)


Thank you to everyone for making the Great Southbourne Bake-Off such a success. All of the talented bakers made for an excellent and fierce competition. Thank you to all of the parents and children who came to join in the fun at the end of the day eating unimaginable amounts of cake and helping raise money for new cooking equipment at school. A big thank you also to all of the staff who gave up their free time to help run the event and get Pie Faced!