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Science Museum

On Thursday 4 th May Year 3 children from Southbourne Junior School went to The Science Museum in London. They learnt lots of new things. They went to lots of different exhibits including The Space Expedition. They also had a chance to visit The Wonderlab which is a new exhibit! Here is one of their stories!

Our Experience

By Macy, Osprey Class

The Trip

We had to be at school really early so we could get on a coach to London. We were all very excited so I couldn’t stop smiling.  When everyone arrived we all got on a coach.  It was a long trip so we were allowed to take games and snacks.  Some of the cool things we did were quizzes, magazines, books and colouring books.  It was so much fun. Our teacher Mr Blake-Lobb gave us a spotter sheet to keep us entertained.  


When we arrived in London my smile was as big as the universe!  We all jumped off the bus with a big grin on our faces.  We all had to get in our groups and walk along the road to the Museum.  When we got to the front doors, we all felt like the happy robots inside!  The Science Museum was large and the building was beautifully built.  We all couldn’t wait to get inside.

The Wonderlab

In the Wonderlab there were cool slides that were made out of different things so we could test them.  There was a seat with a rope next to it so you could sit on the seat and pull the rope so you went higher and higher.  There were cool experiments we could test out too, for example there was a wire with straws.  If you put a straw onto the wire and bit it and put your fingers in your ears you would hear music.  It was an amazing experience.


In the shop there were things such as Alien Babies, sweets, chocolate, gobstoppers and mini robots.  We all got to buy something.  I bought an Alien baby!  The Alien babies felt sticky and a bit squishy.  They also had some slime to keep them warm.  The slime was really slimey!  They also had a special egg to keep them in.

The Space Exhibition

The Space Exhibition had real nappies that astronauts would wear when going to the moon.  It was very interesting as we got to see some mini rockets and the earth spinning round.  In a special room next to the space exhibition there was a video and clothes of the first lady who went to space.  Her name was Valentina Tereshkova and she was from Russia.  Above the Space Exhibition was the Tim Peake lab.  In the exhibition, they had rides that were spinning round.  Crazily, when one was spinning round the lid fell open.  Luckily the people didn’t fall out and were safe as they had seat belts on.

The Journey Home

As soon as we walked out of the Science Museum, we all had frowns on our faces but were happy and lucky that we went there.  We all walked back to the bus and sat in our seats.  It was a long trip home.  Some children fell asleep as they were very tired but others were still very hyper!  It was a fun journey home and we were sad that it was over.


After all, I thought it was a great school trip and so did the other children.  We had fun, we learned lots of new things and were glad we went there.  It was a great experience and I can’t wait to go again.