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Lower Base Farm Trip

Last week the lower base children went to Goodwood Farm as part of their Geography learning journey. Four of our Year 4 children volenteered to write a recount of their visit.

For more pictures of the trip, please go to the Gallery.

Goodwood Farm TripStreet map of Pinelands

by Jessica Healey, Lara Wood, Joshua Chatfield and Artem Nugmenov


Once we arrived at school we had to get ready to go on the coach, then we had to walk quickly to the enormous coach, but surprisingly it only had one floor. Everyone was fighting to get onto the coach so we had to get another coach. The journey was surprisingly long because one of the coaches was sent to the wrong place, but in the end it got to the farm!

The Pigs

Other resolutions: 160 × 240Once we arrived at Goodwood Farm, we got put into our groups and we met our Guides that were going to give us a tour all around the Farm. Firstly,they showed the pigs. Some of the piglets were about 25 centimeters, did you know that female pigs are called sows? Also, there is always one piglet that is smaller than all of the others, and that is what we call the runt.

Old Man’s Beard


Black Elderberry, ElderflowerAfter that, all of year 4 met at the woods and our guides told us that one of the trees there was 400 years old. Did you know that there is a bush called ‘The Old Man’s Beard’ and it looks like this.


A calf in the New Forest,

After we tried the cold  milk, we headed off to the cows. We saw how the cows produced milk and where the milk goes so it is clean to drink. Most of us had to stand around listening to the guide, but unfortunately we had to smell the manure at the same time! Everyone was so excited to stroke the calves so we rushed there quickly!! When we got there our guide said to be quiet and to not ruEconomyn around, otherwise the calves will all be scared of us. Then we went over to them and stroked them. Some of them licked us and some even bit our skin or our clothes and some even sucked our fingers!!!




After the cows, we went to the  wooly sheep, the lambs were extra cute!!! We got to stroke some of the older sheep but unfortunately we could not stroke the lambs because we might give them our germs. File:Ewe and lamb in Kent.jpg



In conclusion, we all enjoyed the trip to the farm. We were able to see lots of farm animals and we learned interesting information about profit, loss and confidential information (this means when information is private!)

We are looking forward to our next trip!!!