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Traditional Wagon

We were extremely fortunate to be able to host a traditional wagon built by members of the Salford Irish Traveller Community, Salford Children's Services and Salford Community Leisure. A huge thank you to Salford Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service for this opportunity.

Pupil comments:

'The activity inside the wagon was adventurous as we could find all of the secret compartments.' 

'We enjoyed the different quizzes and the treasure hunts which meant we had to find out facts for ourselves.' 

'We loved learning new things and seeing how they made the wagon. I now know that the carvings weren't just for decoration but to make the wagon lighter.'

 'I really liked the exhibition because it taught us the history clearly.' 

'I liked that they didn't just have the wagon on the playground but that they set the fire up around it like a scene. It helped me to feel like I was actually there in that place.' 

'I think the exhibition really helped me to understand their culture and way of life.' 

'I enjoyed the tour around the wagon and finding out the parts of it; especially the cage for chickens.' 

'The wagon is so beautifully designed.'

'I think it looks so pretty and I like the cleverness of the S hooks and storage.'

'I love the idea of travelling the country in it, I would love to see it again.'

'I have never seen an old fashioned wagon, it was very interesting because I didn't know that they could store chickens, chicks and eggs in the side of the wagon. I liked the comfortable bed!'