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On Thursday 8th October, Southbourne Junior School held its own Harvest Assembly!

The pupils of the school were all asked to bring donations of food to the assembly and my goodness, did they ever manage that!!! The school managed to gather four groaning tables worth of food and cleaning products which will be boxed up and delivered to families in need across West Sussex. 

We are supporting two charities with our Harvest contributions this year-Family Support Work and St Joseph's 'Stone Pillow'.

Family Support Work, which celebrates its 125th birthday this year, works in partnership with the Chichester Diocese to support children through difficult times in their lives. This can include helping the child to overcome a physical or mental illness, supporting parents in resolving debt or unemployment issues and ensuring that children are able to access mainstream education. For further information information on Family Support Work please follow this link.

St Joseph's 'Stone Pillow' charity, is based in a hostel which offers accomodation to homeless members of the community. The donations of food will allow the hostel to provide meals for the people who come to them looking for somewhere warm to stay. For more information on this charity please click here.

As always, the pupils and families of the school have made the staff extremely proud to work here-they are aware of the importance of supporting those less fortunate than themselves and they always do so with such generosity. Well done SJS!!!